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New Blog…Check it out!

After some long discussions and much thought, we have decided to move our blog from live spaces over to blogspot.  We have found that live spaces has some limitations that prevent us from connecting with other adoption bloggers out there.  We hope you will continue to follow our journey and keep up to date on our family at our new site.

Check it out…http://www.ethiopiatofargo.blogspot.com/

Dave, Theresa, and Maya

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Tonight and 18 months pictures

Tonight we had a babysitter for Maya so I could go out and enjoy an NDSU football game with my dear friend Kimberly.  As far as I can tell, the night went well.  I’m sure I’ll hear more from her mom at work on Monday (smile).  This is the second time she has babysat for us and I think Maya really likes her.  I’m so glad.  Unfortunately the game didn’t end well for NDSU.  They had two bad calls late in the 4th Quarter which turned the game around.  Bummer!  As Maya would say…GO BISON!

I realize I haven’t posted pictures for awhile.  Honestly, I haven’t been taking as many as I normally do.  When I do try, she doesn’t cooperate.  I realized I haven’t posted any of her 18 month pictures that were taken in early September.  The first picture is from the photo contest Maya was in (and won).  Our photographer Tera is excellent and she participates in the celebrating adoption program.  We really couldn’t have been any happier with the pictures. 

For Blog

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ND Adoption Celebration

This afternoon Maya and I attended the ND Adoption Celebration.  Maya did really well overall considering it was during her nap time.  At the event we saw many familiar faces and our friends the Anderson family won the Multicultural Award!  Each child received a stuffed lamb and an ornament.  On the ornament is a wonderful poem.  Here it is:

A feather from an angel
is one we rarely see,
and this one is quite different,
and special as can be,
This feather is a reminder
of a special kind of love…
one of a forever family
and blessings from above.

Happy Adoption month everyone! 

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Check this out…

I found this on blog that I follow.  Check it out.


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Oh My

The other night I attempted to take some photos of Miss Maya.  Needless to say she did not cooperate which seems to be the norm these days.  For some reason she would rather take the picture or run towards the camera than be in it.  Please tell me that is normal!!!  Well here is my attempt.  She apparently now knows how to take off her top even though it has snaps in the back.  It is becoming impossible to keep clothes on this child. 

Notice one sock is off?
Now the shirt is off – luckily the pants stayed on
Maya loves to read and sing songs – the bottom picture is Maya doing the actions to "if you’re happy and you know it…"

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Came Across These Photos

I was looking at my photos on my computer and thought I would post these to share.  These are pictures that the adoption agency took of Maya while she lived in the care center.  We were fortunate to get them emailed to us as we only had them in our paperwork initially.  Isn’t Maya adorable in these?  It makes me sad that these are the earliest pictures we have of her minus her the referral picture but at least we have them.  I can’t believe how much she has changed. 


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